🌞 Gm and welcome to the wonderful world of holoblox. A digital NFT collection of unique, vibrant blox packed full of emotion

Project status

Phase one – 85 / 100

holoblox are currently in phase one which means 1-100 are slowly being listed for sale in the OpenSea collection.

What are holoblox?

holoblox are a passion project ❤️ A collection of digital artworks made up of hand drawn layers and styles. Each holoblox has a unique combination of eyes, mouth, skin, markings, accessories and name!

It’s also worth noting that the background color is not regarded as a unique attribute, that would be cheating.

To give you an idea of scale there are over 170,000 unique holoblox that could exist however, only 5000 will be making their way to the blockchain.

As such, rarity of certain attributes will be variable with some being very unusual.


We have listened to our community feedback and agree, the bonding curve can go.

This means that after the first 100 holoblox each new listing will be the same price for the remainder of the project as detailed below:


Free holoblox

25 holoblox are listed as Free on the tokenomics table. These holoblox will be used for giveaways and as competition prizes for the community. If you’d like to get involved in these then we’d advise joining our Discord and checking our for pinned posts for more details.

Releases & Roadmap

holoblox are a long term passion project and as such, there won’t be any pre-sales, stealth launches or big bang type release cycle. Instead, we are going to randomly mint new holoblox every few days until the collection is complete.

The only potential indicators of what’s coming will be via our socials so come and join our Discord and if you’d like to be ahead of the curve.

In terms of Roadmap… there isn’t one… We will simply be releasing the holoblox out to the blockchain for whoever finds them cute enough to support

As holoblox continues we will hold competitions, add seasonal accessories and dream up various creative ways to reward our holders & supporters. We just feel that trying to plan everything in advance only stifles our potential for creativity and makes it harder to accommodate a steer from the community.

The holoblox community

We want the NFT community to genuinely feel like they are a part of the holoblox world so outside of the usual Discord and social channels we have a fun way to put a permanent, personal stamp on the collection.

We do this by allowing our community to submit names that will be applied to newly minted holoblox when they come into circulation. You can also supply your Twitter @ handle to get credit when the holoblox is showcased.

Names must consist of a Firstname and a Surname so get your thinking caps on. Will it be something awesome, something stupid, your own name? We look forward to finding out on Discord in the “name-a-holo” channel.

We also love ideas, thoughts and feedback of any kind so please do share them with us. We’d love to know what seasonal accessories you can dream up 🤩

Giving back

We have been overwhelmed by the support and kindness of so many in the NFT community as we have been working on the holoblox project. It’s such a refreshing space to be in and we want to do our bit to help where we can.

As such, we are happy to say that we have put together a “little” resource hub which contains articles, guides, and contacts that we have discovered along the way:

We will be continuously adding to this and sharing our own custom solutions however, if you have any suggestions, feedback or would like to get involved in anyway then please reach out via or Discord.

We are very open to ideas and remember, together we are stronger 🤝